It is your responsibility when on Glenbervie Golf Course to ensure your own safety and that of others. To assist in this please consider the following to help reduce the risks inherent to the game of golf in an outdoor environment.

  • Please ensure your footwear is suitable for the weather and ground conditions of the day.
  • Grass slopes can be slippery when wet, as can steps or bridges on the course. Please take extra care on such surfaces.
  • Glenbervie has many areas of mature woodland and individual trees. Please be aware of the potential risk of falling branches when near to any tree(s) especially during periods of high winds or other inclement conditions. Glenbervie Golf Club and the Scottish Woodland Trust maintain the trees on the course and its surrounds but cannot be held responsible for situations caused by natural conditions.
  • Please take care if using a buggy or trolley on the course and comply with any signage for, or restrictions on, routes to be taken. Be particularly careful on slopes and bridges.
  • On occasion, chemicals will be sprayed on the course and appropriate signage will indicate the presence of chemicals. You are advised, however, to avoid any oral contact with anything that has come into contact with any surface on the course, at any time.
  • The golf course is home to a variety of wildlife. Should you come across any wildlife suffering injury or any carcass, do not touch or remove same. Contact should be made with a staff member who will arrange for the appropriate action to be taken. (CALL 01324 562605)
  • Users of golf club grounds should familiarise themselves with the lay-out of the course and identify when they may be at risk of being struck by a golfer's golf ball. Particular care should be taken when in areas hidden from the view of other golfers. Equally, golfers should take care not to hit any other golfer especially when playing to areas hidden from the player's view or when other fairways run parallel to the hole being played. If ever in doubt shout 'FORE'
  • Golfers should not play until they have heard the bell when playing to; the 5th fairway,6th green or the twelfth fairway. Neither should they play at any time unless sure the way ahead is clear.
  • If you consider that your golf ball may be at risk of hitting anyone shout 'FORE' in a loud manner to alert others to the potential danger. If when on the course you hear a shout of 'FORE', take evasive action, for example by crouching down and covering your head.
  • Please stand either behind or well to the side of your playing companions when they are playing a stroke and pay attention to the flight of the golf ball. Avoid swinging a golf club if anyone is in close proximity and avoid being in close proximity if anyone else is swinging a golf club.
  • Please be courteous to greens staff, especially on the course, and ensure they are aware of your intention to play a stroke, particularly in their vicinity.
  • Practice should be limited to the Practice Ground and the safety guidelines for that area adhered to.
  • All golfers must ensure they are fully insured against risk when playing golf. Insurance against personal injury to the individual or others in the unlikely event of being struck by an errant stroke.



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